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Travel the world with your favorite Christian teachers, artists, leaders and musicians.
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Relax and fellowship in comfort as you explore a new incredible destination every day.
Inspiration Tours


Connect with biblical history as you experience the most iconic places on the planet.

Immerse yourself in an untamed wilderness as you explore the mountains, glaciers, wildlife and frontier history of this majestic landscape.


Visit the world’s best beaches as you relax in turquoise waters, discover colorful ports and marvel at epic sunsets.


The Bible comes alive as you experience places right out of the pages of Scripture, from the streets of Jerusalem to the shores of Galilee.

Washington D.C.

See America with fresh eyes as you explore bustling cities, spectacular landscapes and its deep spiritual heritage.


Journey through the historic cities and sites of the New Testament filled with world-renowned art, architecture, food and culture.

The Best Places on Earth

As pioneers in the world of Christian travel, Inspiration delights in introducing travelers to the joys of seeing the world. Our faith-focused travel experiences help you disconnect from the everyday to connect with God and others in the best places on Earth. Where do you want to go?

About Us

Distinctly Christian Travel Experiences

Our cruises and tours take you to the world’s most scenic and sought-after places in the world. You’ll draw closer to God as you enjoy unique sights, sounds, tastes and adventures in some of the most amazing places on earth. Rejuvenate your soul as you and other believers travel alongside beloved Bible teachers, bestselling authors and award-winning Christian worship artists.


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Traveler Experiences

"From travel details to every site experience, Inspiration blew us away with their knowledge, organization and professionalism. If you’re thinking about an excursion of a lifetime, go with the best."

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Erin C.

"Thank you, Inspiration, for an absolutely amazing experience! Everything was so carefully coordinated. You took such good care of us!"

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Connie K.

"The service provided by Inspiration was TOP-NOTCH. We never had a thing to worry about! Bus rides, plane transfers, customs plus more occurred without a hitch."

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Denise A.

"I was so impressed with how well Inspiration organized all 1,100 of us. It was an outstanding experience!"

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Kathleen H.