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When it comes to group travel, we understand that planning is the key to success. The seamless connection between having the right answer and delivering an unparalleled experience go hand in hand. That's why we have meticulously compiled an extensive list of answers to commonly asked questions, specifically tailored to guide you through every aspect of your dream Christian cruise or tour.

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Top Questions

Does Inspiration cost more than other Christian travel agencies?

Every event we manage is customized to the selections of our ministry partners; costs are determined by their preferences. However, our extensive network of in-country providers and reputable history sometimes give us a competitive edge in our costs, which we keep competitive so your group can travel affordably.


Can I custom-design our itinerary?

Absolutely! We offer tailored itineraries for groups, allowing you to focus on specific sites or themes that resonate with your congregation. Together, we'll create a truly unique experience. Would you like to see an example? Contact us today and we’ll send you a free sample itinerary.


As the leader of my church group, can I travel for free?

Yes, as a church group leader, you are eligible to travel for free. This is our way of thanking you for organizing and leading the group! The specific terms and conditions may vary, so please contact us ASAP for detailed information and options for your group.


Will there be places where I can teach?

Yes, depending on the destination you choose, we can ensure that there is a private space for you to teach. If you are traveling to Israel, there are sacred settings available to teach in, including the Garden of Gethsemane and while sailing on the Sea of Galilee.


Will I have to guide and talk about all the sites, or will you provide a guide?

We provide knowledgeable, expert local guides who will lead you through the sites, sharing profound insights into their historical and spiritual significance while still giving you the space to lead your community the exact way you envision. Our guides handle the details so you can focus on teaching and leading your group spiritually. We're here to support your ministry goals.


How much advance notice is needed to organize a group travel experience?

We recommend booking 12 – 15 months in advance to ensure availability and ideal arrangements, especially for travel experiences outside the U.S. This gives us ample time to arrange accommodations, activities and other logistics. However, we do occasionally accommodate shorter timelines, depending on your church group's destination and size.

General Event FAQ

Traveling with Inspiration means you can expect the most comfortable and safe accommodations that are carefully selected to enhance your travel experience. We provide the highest-quality accommodations in reputable hotels and cruise vessels. Though styles may vary, our selected lodging meets high standards, ensuring an enjoyable stay throughout your journey. Specific details will be provided during the planning. Call us today to learn more about how to begin the process.

On the day of the activities, our on-site team expertly takes care of all the logistics, ensuring that transportation, meals and excursions go as planned. As a church group leader, this frees you up so that you can focus on enjoying the experience with your community.

Our team provides comprehensive support throughout your travel experience. This includes pre-trip planning, daily coordination during your travels and a post-trip follow-up.

We always have a detailed emergency response plan in place. Our on-site guides are specifically trained to handle emergencies, and we have optimized protocols for medical issues, natural disasters and other unexpected situations. The safety and well-being of our participants is our highest priority.

Prior to the trip, we’ll provide all the comprehensive information you will need, including a detailed itinerary, packing list, cultural information and emergency contact details. We also conduct several pre-trip meetings with you, answering any questions you may have and ensuring that everyone is fully prepared for an amazing travel experience.

Inspiration’s group travel experiences are designed for groups of various sizes. The minimum group size is typically 35; the maximum can vary depending on the destination. We strive to maintain a low participant-to-guide ratio to ensure a high-quality experience for all travelers. Ready to plan your trip? Call us today to get started!