The Surprising Advantages of Christian Cruising

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Reflecting on a night of incredible worship, you step onto your balcony into the warm sun with a cup of coffee. Your ship glides through the turquoise water. Taking in the beauty—and a lush, green island in the distance—you whisper a prayer of gratitude. Another island adventure awaits.

Because of moments like these, cruises are our most popular exceptional travel experiences. The benefits and advantages of cruising extend far beyond relaxing in a sunny destination and exploring new places. A Christian cruise is jam-packed with opportunities to get away with God and deepen your faith. Simply put, it’s one of the best ways to travel!

Here are the 7 biggest benefits of a Christian cruise:

1. Spiritual enrichment

Cruise travel is known for its entertainment, including shows, movies, classes and even casinos. But Christian cruises with Inspiration take entertainment up a notch. When we travel—thanks to our ministry partners—soul-stirring worship and Bible teaching take center stage.

Imagine a week of nightly concerts by some of your favorite musicians, whether MercyMe or the Gaither Homecoming artists, or hearing a power-packed sermon series from a beloved Bible teacher. Most experiences on land last one night only, and then the artist or teacher leaves town. On a Christian cruise, the artist sails with you to the next destination—and many of our cruises include exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities with the artists and speakers!

An engaging moment at a concert with a singer onstage and enthusiastic fans in the foreground, hands uplifted, in a dimly lit theater with colorful stage lighting.
Enjoy exclusive concerts from your favorite artists, like MercyMe!

2. Ultimate convenience

People talk about beach resorts being “all-inclusive.” But no form of travel packs more elements together than a cruise. Booking a cruise includes your transportation between ports, accommodations, dining and entertainment—all bundled into a single vessel.

Imagine only unpacking once and having an incredible array of restaurants, shops and entertainment within walking distance of your cabin. Cruises have something for everyone, which makes traveling with a group of loved ones even easier.

We can’t think of a more fun and efficient way to plan a cost-effective vacation to multiple places than to schedule a cruise.

A joyful middle-aged couple posing with raised arms in front of a large “Amber Cove” sign, with a massive cruise ship docked in the background under a clear blue sky.
One of the many amazing port stops on our Caribbean cruises.

3. Scenic variety

You could endure the headache of trying to visit five different Caribbean islands and staying in five different hotels while packing and unpacking multiple times. But on a cruise, you get to go to bed in one port and then wake up in another!

Experience different cultures and see new sights without the long flights, airport layovers and hassles of driving (and the exhaustion that comes with it). Plus, cruises can introduce you to remote locations that aren’t easily accessible. For instance, many of our Alaska cruises sail into Glacier Bay—a difficult place to see by land and an expensive place to experience by air.

A chef in a striped apron slicing roasted meat at a buffet station, with assorted breads and dishes visible under a bright light.
The range of dining experiences is abundant.

4. Culinary experiences 

Try new foods. Explore new spices. Embrace new regional flavors. Travel is about experimentation and opening yourself up to new experiences, and these don’t just happen while you’re in port. Cruise ships are known for amazing dining options!

Highly influential chefs develop dishes, and there are plenty of options, from casual eateries to fine dining. You’ll be exposed to delicious cuisines from around the world. Also, Inspiration’s cruise partners always provide plenty of options for those with special dietary needs or food allergies, making mealtime far easier than Googling “restaurants near me” in a new place.

A group of elderly audience members enjoying a show in a theater, with many of them laughing and clapping, wearing colorful casual clothes and name tags.
Bond with like-minded believers—you just might make lifelong friends!

5. Social opportunities

On a Christian cruise, you’ll be surrounded by other believers. Maybe you are all fans of gospel music. Perhaps you are traveling on a cruise conference to hear from a beloved pastor or author. You are bound to make new friends (even if you are traveling solo) because you have so much in common with your fellow travelers!

We’ve seen countless friendships form during a cruise and continue after it ends. Fellowship is one of the true joys of a Christian cruise with Inspiration.

6. Endless choices

While a themed cruise offers plenty of shared experiences—everyone is traveling to the same places and enjoying the same nightly entertainment—it also gives travelers access to customization. From restaurants to activities, the choice is always yours! For example, you can “choose your own adventure” from the many restaurants onboard and the variety of shore excursions available. These are a few of the types of excursions you can look forward to:

  • Are you interested in food? Culinary excursions abound.
  • History buffs can visit historical sites.
  • Active travelers can kayak, hike, fish or zipline.
  • Want to relax? Spend a day at the beach (Caribbean) or sitting alongside a beautiful stream (Alaska).

There’s something for almost every interest, and our cruise partners work with excursion companies to ensure an amazing port experience.

Two women smiling and relaxing on lounge chairs by a poolside; one wearing a black dress and sunglasses on her head, the other in a black dress with a white hat.
Pause and recharge—you are on vacation after all!

7. Downtime

“But I don’t want every second of my day to be scheduled with excursions and entertainment. I just want to relax.”

Well, friend, a cruise ship is the perfect place for you! Whether you enjoy watching a sunrise during your morning devotional or indulging in a massage or facial in the ship’s luxurious spa, you’ll find an incredible number of ways to relax on your cruise.

Beyond that, the stunning coastlines and breathtaking seascapes will absolutely lead you into worship. Few travel opportunities offer a true “getaway with God” like cruising.

There are plenty of ways to vacation, and at Inspiration, we know the value of a land-based tour. But some of our best memories are at sea because Christian cruise travel is bursting with perks and benefits. We invite you to experience them for yourself!


Set sail on the adventure of a lifetime!