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Many travelers on Inspiration’s Christian cruises are veteran cruisers, embarking with us year after year. But every experienced cruise passenger started as a newbie—and likely had questions about the process and planning. If you’re considering booking your first cruise, we want to help you navigate those uncharted waters.

We’ve compiled a few of the most common questions about cruises so you can enjoy smooth sailing when you’re ready to book the vacation of a lifetime!

Why choose a cruise?

A cruise ship rests by a verdant coastline, surrounded by densely forested hills and misty mountains partly covered by clouds.
All aboard Inspiration Travel’s renowned Alaskan cruises with Holland America Line

You only have to unpack once, but you can experience multiple destinations without the hassle of checking in and out of hotels! Most meals, amenities, social activities, entertainment and accommodations are covered in a single price, which makes cruising a stress-free option for many travelers.

Cruise travel can also provide access to places that are very difficult to access by land—like Glacier Bay in Alaska. For more about cruising, click here to read this first-person account from a first-time cruise passenger!

How far in advance should I book a cruise?

While you can book anytime, booking your cruise 6 to 12 months early offers many benefits, including a better selection of cabin types and locations. You’ll be able to secure popular excursions before they sell out.

Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of more weeks of anticipation. Do you know that psychological studies have found that the anticipation of a trip can bring as much happiness as the trip itself? Early booking extends your enjoyment of the journey far beyond your travel dates. With Inspiration, you can book online or call us and we’ll handle the entire booking process for you. Booking is available as soon as an event is added to our website.

What should I consider when choosing a cruise excursion?

A group of travelers seated in a tour bus, smiling and enjoying the journey, with vibrant tropical plants visible in the background.
Shore excursions for every type of traveler!

First, we always recommend booking your shore excursions early. Popular cruise ports will sometimes have limited availability for their most sought-after tours and activities. It pays to secure your spot in advance.

Second, browse the options with your interests and abilities in mind. Some excursions require a more adventurous skill set or the ability to walk longer distances. Always pay attention to the duration and intensity of the excursion! Finally, you can book various excursions through the cruise line itself.

Do I have to pay for my trip upfront, or can I make payments?

When booking a Christian cruise through Inspiration, you pay a deposit to secure your reservation and then pay the remainder over time, up until the final billing due date. The amount of your deposit, of course, will vary based on the cruise line, the destination and the length of the cruise.

Can I (or should I) bring my kids on a cruise? Are they family-friendly?

A family of six stands on a ferry deck, warmly dressed in winter coats, with Alaska’s gey waters and green, rugged hills in the background.
Cruises for the whole family

Yes! While we partner with brands known for first-class cruise travel (as opposed to specific family-focused cruise lines, like Disney), all our ships and itineraries are family-friendly. Every cruise ship offers amenities to make families comfortable, including family cabins, children’s pools and adventure activities designed to keep all ages engaged and entertained.

It’s advisable to keep the cruise length and destinations in mind when deciding to travel with younger children. For instance, will your family be more engaged in beach and swimming activities (Caribbean) or nature-focused activities (Alaska)?

Will I be “off the grid” on a cruise? Can I still communicate with my family back home?

You can absolutely stay in touch (if you want to). Most modern cruise ships—including our cruise partners—now offer Wi-Fi access, allowing passengers to stay connected at sea.

In most cases, this requires purchasing a Wi-Fi package based on the number of devices you want to connect (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). We always recommend that passengers review these options before they board. Be advised: The speed and bandwidth on cruise ships may be slightly slower than your experience on land, but they are always improving!

We’d love to see you aboard one of our amazing Christian cruise itineraries. From the wonder of Alaska to the dazzling Mediterranean, there’s a trip and ship waiting for you.


Set sail on the adventure of a lifetime!