The Moments Christian Travelers Love Most

Hannah Hinson



One of our favorite places on social media is our “We Love Christian Travel” group on Facebook, where past (and future) Inspiration Cruises & Tours travelers share their favorite moments and memories. From time to time, these friends return from their travels eager to share photos. 

We’ve collected some of them in this photo blog, showing the wide range of faith, fun and fellowship experiences we enjoy while visiting some of the most beautiful settings in the world. We are thankful to all our friends and social media followers for sharing their moments with us!

Incredible Entertainment

MercyMe band standing together on stage with bright colorful lights shining in the background

MercyMe concerts for fans during MercyMe at Sea.

Our exceptional travel experiences highlight some of the biggest names in Christian music. Inspiration passengers enjoy full concerts from these award-winning artists on almost every night of their luxury cruise or tour.

Transformational Teaching

Max Lucado speaking to a group of people in Israel

Max Lucado sharing a message about the Gospels in Jerusalem, Israel.

Some of the most beloved Christian pastors, authors and teachers host our cruises and tours. They teach about the life of Jesus in Israel and inspire passengers in the most beautiful parts of the world, including Alaska and the Caribbean. These leaders add a deep spiritual element to an incredible travel experience.


[The sun setting over the Sea of Galilee in Israel

The Sea of Galilee, Israel.

Worshiping on the calm waters of the Sea of Galilee captivates our travelers and gives them an unforgettable memory to cherish for years to come. “It was a very emotional experience for me and one I will cherish always,” says Inspiration travelers Doris W. Whether it’s the glaciers of Alaska or the beautiful shores of Israel’s Sea of Galilee, discover some of the most stunning landscapes on earth.

[cIcy blue glaciers and rocky mountains at Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

The stunning view of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve from the deck of a cruise ship.

Cruises are one of the best ways to experience Alaska, giving passengers an up-close-and-personal view of the wonder and grandeur of God’s creation. “At the glacier, everyone went out on the deck and sang ‘How Great Thou Art.’ As it was ending, the glacier cracked, and a huge section fell into the water. What a moment!” —Kathy W

Friends and Loved Ones

Whether reconnecting with family and friends or experiencing new places as a couple, traveling with loved ones is an ideal way to deepen relationships. Christian travel with Inspiration is filled with faith-focused people. You’ll forge new friendships and strengthen existing relationships.

Group of people sitting down and laughing together in Israel

Inspiration travelers laughing and sharing stories in Israel

Imagine sharing unforgettable moments with loved ones and new friends. Conversations over coffee and meals are some of our travelers’ most treasured moments. Statistics also show that relationships last longer among couples who travel together.

Group of smiling people standing together on the deck of a cruise ship in Alaska

Inspiration travelers in Alaska.

United by common faith, incredible vistas and life-giving conversations, these friends will never forget their time together on an Alaska cruise.

A couple standing together with a small wooden bridge, river and tall trees in the background.

Inspiration travelers enjoying a shore excursion in Alaska.

New adventures and experiences can deepen relationships. Our cruises and tours offer plenty of these opportunities for families, couples, friends and soon-to-be friends for the many who join us traveling solo.


Trying new foods is one of the joys of traveling. Our cruises and tours offer plenty of opportunities to sample the freshest local cuisine. Whether on a shore excursion or at the dining table, you’ll be surrounded by travelers who share your love for new flavors and scrumptious meals.

[]Freshly baked bread, and chowder in a cup that says Ludvig’s Bistro Chowder and freshly baked bread from Ludvig’s Bistro in Sitka, Alaska.

Local seafood is always on the menu in Alaska, which makes it a paradise for foodies. After a day in port, our passengers return to the cruise ship raving about the restaurants they visited.

Baked salmon with rice and vegetables on a white plate set on an elegant table

Baked salmon with rice and vegetables is served for dinner in the cruise ships’ elegant dining rooms.

The joys of cruise travel aren’t limited to the luxurious accommodations or the scenic views. The delicious meals are a major part of the experience and a great opportunity to sample new cuisine.


Whether it’s colorful fish populating a Caribbean reef, moose, grizzly bears or humpback whales in Alaska, our travelers have countless options to witness the wildest residents of God’s creation. Alaska is wonderful for wildlife watching—especially from the cruise ship!

A bald eagle perching in a tree

A majestic bald eagle perches in a tree in Juneau, Alaska.

Alaska cruise passengers are almost guaranteed to see these birds of prey—and other predators—during their time in the Last Frontier State.

First-Class Accommodations

Whether traveling on a cruise or touring Israel or Europe, our travelers love their accommodations. Inspiration’s travel partners, including luxury cruise liners and hotels, are hand-picked to offer the attended service and environment our travelers deserve. Our experienced team ensures each element of your travel exceeds your expectations.

[cFront of a cruise ship with snow capped mountains behind it

Cruise ship in Alaska.

On a Christian cruise, you’ll wake up to spectacular new places every day…and you’ll only have to unpack once! Beyond the photographs, each of these moments is an unforgettable part of an Inspiration itinerary. Experience these majestic landscapes and unforgettable memories by booking your cruise or tour today!