Around the World in One Passenger List

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Just a few weeks ago we enjoyed another amazing Christian travel experience with Michael W. Smith. We’ve partnered with Smitty many times in the past, and always enjoy his gracious personality, accessibility to fans, and of course, his wonderful music.

We’re not the only ones who have grown to love him over the years. In a testament to his worldwide popularity, we were delighted to see the sheer breadth of countries represented by passengers on this cruise from Seattle to Alaska. This may have been one of our most internationally diverse passenger lists ever!

By our count, this cruise included travelers and Michael W. Smith fans from the following countries:





Hong Kong







New Zealand

Saudi Arabia


South Africa


United States

United Kingdom


Musical guests Nichole Nordeman and Phillips Craig & Dean joined Smitty for the cruise, along with Bible teacher (and frequent Inspiration partner) Dr. David Jeremiah and legendary ice-skating champion Scott Hamilton.

Just as impressive as the roster of countries represented were the comments from passengers on-board:

“Wow! The week was absolutely amazing! God showed up and showed out. The music, devotions, worship, and new friendships were wonderful! It is an experience I will always remember!”

“Life this week seemed like a sliver of Heaven. Incredible worship, great Bible teaching, great time of fellowship, and God’s glorious views. I will miss our dinner buddies.”

“So glad we came all the way from Brisbane, Australia, to be with like-minded people! It was a blast, and we met so many great people. Thank you all.”

“What an awesome experience! Enjoyed every aspect of the, morning Bible study, music, scenery, music. So emotional and so grateful. Thanks be to God.”

“The journey from South Africa was so worth it.”

Opportunities like this are rarely about one musician, one speaker, or even the destination itself (though the Alaskan wilderness was breathtaking, as always). Our Christian cruises and tours are about gathering with fellow believers—on this occasion, believers from all over the world—in order to experience the wonder of travel and the sustaining rest of getting away with God.

We’re grateful to artists like Michael W. Smith, whose international reach and God-exalting music has resulted in some truly memorable travel experiences. In fact, we’ve already scheduled an upcoming Israel tour with him, slated for 2016. Mark your calendars!