Shore Excursions in Canada/New England

Inspiration Travel



The constant scenic beauty of a slow-moving panorama can be enjoyed from onboard the ship, but you can make the most of your cruise vacation by getting out into the local ports. From relaxing to exhilarating, shore excursions offer something for everyone. Choose from city tours, culinary explorations, shopping outings, outdoor expeditions, cultural activities and more. Because many excursions often have limited capacity and fill up quickly, we recommend you book early for the best selection on your cruise.

Once you’ve booked your Inspiration cruise, check out the customized shore excursion list based on your itinerary. Using your cruise line booking number, you can easily book shore excursions online as early as 60 days before your trip and up to 3 days before departure (depending on the cruise line). Simply go to the cruise line’s website to find information on specific shore excursions.

You may also register for your Shore Excursions once you are onboard the ship. All shore excursion requests are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Waitlisted requests for sold-out shore excursions will be processed prior to requests made onboard.

For more information please call one of our Reservation Coordinators at 800 247 1899, Monday through Friday between 8:30am-5:00pm, Pacific Time.