Frequently Asked Questions for Cruises

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You may book an event with us online by following the instructions below, or by calling us at 800 247 1899.

Two Options for Booking Your Christian Cruise or Tour

1. Click the "Book Online" button found on each ministry cruise or tour page to begin your reservation process. Then follow the step by step instructions.

2. Call 800 247 1899 and speak to one of our knowledgeable reservation coordinators who will be happy to assist you.

To book a reservation you will need a pricing brochure for the travel event you are interested in, the legal name for each passenger in your reservation and a deposit per person. You will also need to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before a reservation can be completed.

How to Get a Brochure: Digital brochures can be immediately downloaded from each event page, and physical brochures will be mailed to your address. Call us at 800 247 1899 or fill out the brochure request form online to have one mailed to you.

There is no set deadline, but selection and availability become limited as the event approaches. Special late accommodations can sometimes be made by contacting us at 800 247 1899.

Note: For the best selection and accommodations we suggest booking early.

Anyone over the age of 21 who is financially capable of making the required deposit can book a reservation. 

Note: The person booking a reservation does not need to be traveling on the event, but they will need to accept financial responsibility for all individuals on the reservation.


Yes! While our system automatically defaults to using checks as the method for final payments, you may use a credit card either by logging into your online booking account to make payment, or by calling us at 800 247 1899.

No, we do not automatically charge your credit card. Passengers must log in to their online booking account to make a payment, or can call us at 800 247 1899 to make a payment over the phone.

Simply request information about room sharing and we will send you a program agreement for you to complete and return. This form allows you to specify preferences for potential roommates and gives useful information related to traveling with a roommate. After receiving your completed Room Share Program Agreement, we will contact you with options to complete your room share.

Note: Filling out a Room Share Program Agreement does not guarantee a match.


Yes! You can request the arrangement you prefer when booking your reservation. Most cabins/rooms are available with either two twins or one queen/king.

Yes, we can book hotel packages through the cruise line on your behalf. Call our office at 800 247 1899 to add this to your reservation.

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network Card and AMEX.

Yes. Unless noted otherwise, all pricing is per person based on two passengers sharing the same cabin.

No. Because of the trust we have built with ministry leaders and artists, they have asked us to handle all logistics for their travel events—including reservations. Even if an outside travel agent books you on the same cruise ship or at the same hotel, they cannot reserve a spot for you in any of the event programming. Only Inspiration is able to issue the special event materials including coded name badges that secure your entrance to every concert, gathering and event experience.

The conference fee goes to the ministry to cover the costs of conference materials, and ministry staff required to organize and maintain the exclusive programming for your event.

General Cruise Travel

Yes, Inspiration recommends that you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. For your convenience, Inspiration Cruises offers a post departure plan, which can be purchased when booking your trip with us. If you wish to insure your trip cost to have Trip Cancellation coverage, we recommend purchasing a comprehensive plan that includes this coverage. Speak with a Reservation Coordinator or click on the Travelex logo located on each event page for more information. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc CA Agency License #0D10209.Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company; NAIC #22276.

Immunizations are usually not required for cruise destinations; however we recommend you check with your healthcare physician before you travel.

Staterooms modified for guests with disabilities are available on most cruise ships. If you require assistance during travel, we require that you bring a traveling companion to assist you.

NOTE: Wheelchair and motorized scooter rentals are available. Please call our office at 800 247 1899 to request this service.

Your travel documents will be sent to the email address in your account approximately 30 days prior to departure.

NOTE: If you do not provide us with an email address, your paper documents will be sent to you via FedEx and there will be an additional fee of $20 for domestic, $30 for international shipping.

We strongly recommend you travel with a passport (which must be valid for at least six months beyond the completion of travel). Depending on the country and location of ports on your cruise, you may be required to present a passport when embarking and disembarking. Also, having a U.S. passport will enable you to fly from the U.S. to a foreign port in the event you miss your scheduled embarkation or to fly back to the U.S. if you need to disembark the ship mid-cruise due to an emergency. All non- citizens of the U.S. must have passports, visas and other documentation normally required for entry into the country of destination. It is important that you contact the consulate of your citizenship regarding the required documents for the cruise.

NOTE: For a list of approved documents, please visit this website.

Please plan to arrive in the airport at least 3 hours before take-off for international flights, and at least 2 hours before domestic flights.

Yes. Transfers from the airport to the pier and from the pier to the airport may be purchased in advance once you have your flight itinerary. Call our office for details at 800 247 1899. You may also purchase transfers at the airport from the cruise line or you may take a taxi to the pier.

Traveling With Children

Passengers under 21 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent or guardian staying in the same cabin who is at least 25 years old.

Disclaimer: If the child is traveling with only one parent or guardian, the child must have written consent signed by the non traveling parent or legal guardian or a copy of the death certificate should one or both parents be deceased. This written consent must accompany the child during travel.

Under most circumstances women may travel up to their 24th week of pregnancy. Since airline and cruise line policies vary with regard to traveling during a pregnancy, please contact our office for further information and policy requirements.

Your infant must be at least 6 months old by the start of the first day of the cruise. If you are traveling internationally or to Hawaii, your child must be at least 12 months old at time of sailing.

Disclaimer: If the child is traveling with only one parent or guardian, the child must have written consent signed by the non traveling parent or legal guardian or a copy of a death certificate should one or both parents be deceased. This written consent must accompany the child during their travel.

Unless noted on the brochure, children are welcome on the cruises. Pricing is per person, based on the number of passengers sharing the same cabin. Child rates vary based on age and can be discussed with a Reservation Coordinator.

Packing Tips

Bring good, comfortable aerobic walking shoes or sandals with rubber soles. You can dress accordingly for the entire day or you can bring a shirt and wrap-around skirt or larger pull-on pants to go over whatever you are wearing that day. You will want to bring your favorite cap, straw hat or sun visor.

Yes. Luggage allowances vary between airlines and between international and domestic flights (and are subject to change). We recommend that each passenger travel with no more than one large suitcase and one carry-on. Many airlines are charging additional fees for checked luggage. For applicable and current information regarding luggage allowances and fees, please contact your airline directly.

Yes! If you're looking for helpful information, check out our Travel Tips by Destination, under the Resources tab of our website.

Cruising Questions

Most cabins accommodate two passengers; however cabins for 3 or 4 passengers are available.

Cruise boarding begins approximately 4 hours prior to sailing, and all passengers must be checked in at least 90 minutes before sailing.

The ship's departure depends on the cruise line and itinerary. Refer to the event brochure for the scheduled sailing time, though these times are subject to change.

Most cabins accommodate two passengers; however cabins for 3 or 4 passengers are available.

Yes. Unless noted otherwise, all pricing is per person based on two passengers sharing the same cabin.

Once you’ve booked your Inspiration cruise, check out the customized shore excursion list based on your itinerary. Using your cruise line booking number, you can easily book shore excursions online as early as 60 days before your trip and up to 3 days before departure (depending on the cruise line). Simply go to the cruise line’s website to find information on specific shore excursions.

You may also register for your Shore Excursions once you are onboard the ship. All shore excursion requests are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Waitlisted requests for sold-out shore excursions will be processed prior to requests made onboard.

Age appropriate activities are offered by each cruise line. Visiting the cruise line website you will be able to see the different programs or activities offered for various age ranges.

All of your items purchased on the ship will be charged to your room. You will mainly use cash in port.

Yes. Meals are included during the cruises while on the ship. Meals while away from the ship must be paid by the passenger.

Yes. Many cruise lines have made it easy for you to reward excellent service onboard and have added a standard gratuity to your shipboard account for each day of your cruise. It is suggested that you tip $15.50-$17 per day, per person in your party.

Yes. Most ships have safes available in the cabins. Since the ship cannot accept responsibility for any articles that are lost, stolen or misplaced, valuables may also be placed in a safety deposit box available in the Purser's Office.

Yes, most ships have blow dryers available in the cabin.

Not in the cabins. However, many ships have self service laundry rooms available with irons and ironing boards. Laundry service is also offered and may incur an additional fee, depending on your accommodations.

We will supply a Conference Packet which you will find in your cabin. The packet will include the schedule of events as well as your name badge.

We recommend that they try to reach your cell phone. If you are unavailable or unreachable, we ask that they call Inspiration Cruises & Tours at 800 247 1899 and our staff will contact the ship for emergencies.