Why Cruising is the Best Way to See New England

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New England and Canada’s Atlantic Seaboard are high on many travelers’ bucket lists—and for good reason. This region combines exquisite natural beauty with a fascinating history. But New England is an enormous place. It stretches from the tall ships of Boston harbor to the rolling farmland of Prince Edward Island to the grand chateaus of Quebec City. With so many places to see, how can a traveler truly experience this destination without breaking the bank or spending weeks on the road?

We can answer that in four words: Canada/New England Cruise.

The Eastern Seaboard could be called cruising’s best-kept secret. These voyages visit places like Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the St. Lawrence Seaway—and never fail to capture the imagination of passengers. Whether traveling during the cooler fall foliage season or the refreshing sunny days of summer, more cruisers than ever are discovering the sophisticated and relaxing Atlantic coast.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons to cruise Canada and New England:

Maximize travel time. Travel from Boston to Quebec City requires a border crossing, an all-day drive, an expensive flight or a complicated combination of train schedules. (A trip from Boston to Prince Edward Island is even more convoluted!) But on a cruise, passengers can sail from Boston, experience places like Bar Harbor, Maine and Nova Scotia, then finish up in Quebec City on a single trip. You’ll only unpack once! You’ll enjoy more destinations without wasting hours in transit or hauling luggage from one place to another.

European culture. From the British-influenced port of Saint John, New Brunswick, to the Parisian cafes of Quebec City, the history and influence of old-world Europe are plentiful—and don’t require crossing the Atlantic on an overnight flight. Some of the oldest communities in North America are located here, and a cruise through this region introduces you to cobblestone streets, elegant bakeries and historic architecture at every port.

Immersive experiences. Cruise travel has changed over the decades. While passengers once sought the extravagant amenities of a cruise ship—its tennis courts, ballrooms or shuffleboard on the deck—today’s travelers are also seeking memorable experiences once a ship reaches port. These opportunities abound along the Atlantic Seaboard. Our passengers look forward to dining on fresh lobster in Maine, admiring the views from Citadel Hill in Halifax or reconnecting with a childhood favorite in Charlottetown, PEI with a visit to Green Gables farm.

Lighthouses. Are any architectural structures as iconic and symbolic as the lighthouse? Men have used these isolated beacons to guide ships to safety for centuries, but only in the last few decades have they become the subjects of painters, photographers and hobbyists. The oldest and most famous in North America figure prominently on a New England cruise. Portland Head Light dates back to the days of George Washington and Peggy’s Point in Halifax is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.

Natural beauty. The view around every corner is worthy of its own postcard. As your cruiseliner glides along the rugged Atlantic coastline, it will take you to scenic places like Bar Harbor, which serves as the gateway to Maine’s Acadia National Park. The Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick is home to the most extreme tides of the world. Newfoundland exposes cruisers to sightings of orcas, whales and even icebergs originating from Greenland. Wake up to stretches of bountiful forests framed by craggy cliffs. The spectacular surroundings of God’s Creation will have you singing His praises.

Spiritual nourishment. Last but certainly not least, the spiritual impact of a cruise to New England and Canada remains a significant draw for so many of our passengers. Every day onboard gives travelers opportunities for dynamic worship, life-changing teaching from our ministry partners and fellowship with like-minded Believers. Ports offer glimpses of historic churches and opportunities to explore the lives of the religious pilgrims who first came to these shores. Drawing closer to our Creator in a place that proclaims His majesty is always a highlight of these travel experiences.

A Christian cruise along the Atlantic Seaboard is a convenient and dazzling way to experience one of the most beautiful regions of North America. And like every cruise, it combines the most significant three expenses of travel—transportation, meals and accommodations—into a single, all-inclusive price. How would you like to explore this extraordinary gateway into America’s historic wonderland?

Enjoy these photos (shot by Nathan Pearsey) from our 2015 cruise with Hume Lake.