The Top European Travel Experiences on a Reformation Tour

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Europe is a fascinating place that combines the joys of modern travel—beautiful places and new experiences—with old-world majesty, which can draw travelers deeper into faith as they discover the continent’s rich spiritual heritage.

Tracing the history of the Protestant Reformation on a tour throughout Europe connects dozens of the world’s best destinations with spiritually significant moments of courageous Christianity. Travelers become immersed in the intimate details of Reformation history as they follow the bold footsteps of Calvin, Luther, Hus and Zwingli. 

Here’s a photographic look at just a few highlights from a European Reformation tour.

Inspiration travelers gathered in Old Town Square, Prague​​​​​

Meander through the world-famous city of Prague and view its romantic skyline and cobblestone streets with other believers who feel like family. Prague served as the center of the Czech Reformation, which was spurred by the powerful sermons of Jan Hus—a theologian whose teachings predated (and deeply influenced) Martin Luther by over 100 years.

The towering Jan Hus Memorial in Old Town Square, Prague

Marvel at the architecture of this medieval outdoor space that preserves a rare display of art and architecture. This gothic town square is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and a bucket list destination for world travelers.

Bestselling author and pastor Alistair Begg preaches in Bethlehem Chapel in Old Town, Prague

Hear God’s Word preached in stunning and significant locations. More than 600 years ago, Jan Hus preached in this location. When Hus was excommunicated from the Catholic church, the pope ordered Bethlehem Chapel destroyed, but Czech citizens refused. Although the chapel later fell into disrepair, the government restored the building to its original state from Hus’s time. Today, there are visible remnants of the original chapel—a testament to courageous convictions and God’s grace.

Inspiration travelers on Charles Bridge in Prague

Gaze over the water of the Vltava River from the magnificent structure of Charles Bridge. Enjoy the views of Prague’s ancient splendor and beauty from this bridge lined with statues of saints and biblical figures. According to local tradition, when travelers touch the bridge at the base of the statue of St. John of Nepomuk (as the travelers above are doing), it means they will return to Prague in the future.

Inspiration travelers at Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany​​​​​​

Remember Martin Luther’s boldness as he nailed his 95 Theses to the doors of Castle Church! This now-Lutheran church is viewed by most historians as the epicenter of the Reformation, and Inspiration’s tours turn these moments into unforgettable, spiritually resonant experiences for our travelers. 

Inspiration travelers in the grand cathedral of Castle Church

Lift your voice to God in this sacred space—where Martin Luther delivered some of his most memorable sermons over 500 years ago. Spectacular places like this church nave give our travelers opportunities to pause and connect with God, turning incredible moments into lifetime memories.

An 1821 monument to Martin Luther in Wittenberg, Germany​​​​​

Stroll through the market square in the quaint village of Wittenberg, and take in the classical beauty surrounding the oldest monument to Martin Luther in the world. This representation of Luther holding an open Bible in his hands is a reminder of the centrality of Scripture to the Reformation.

Inspiration travelers prepare to explore Wartburg Castle in Germany

Explore medieval Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther hid from the pope while translating the New Testament into German. Prior to his translation, Scripture was only available in Latin—a language few people could read. By making God’s Word available to everyday people, Luther made personal Bible-reading a central part of the Christian experience.

An Inspiration traveler in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Passau, Germany

Imagine the artists and architects behind the glorious structure of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Spend time in awestruck wonder as you visit churches, chapels and cathedrals that tell the centuries-old stories of faithful Christians whose commitment to God changed the world. 

It’s easy to see why a Reformation tour through Europe is at the top of travelers’ bucket lists. During each tour, passengers fall in love with the winding cobblestone streets, rising cathedrals and iconic castles of Europe while connecting to the rich heritage of faith found in the ancient stories of those who lived, worshiped and led their faith across a new continent.

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