The Surprise Dessert Cruisers Can’t Get Enough of

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At Inspiration, we’re used to hearing our passengers rave about their Christian travel experiences. The breathtaking scenery. The moving messages. The powerful times of corporate worship with new friends from around the world. But recently, we’ve received some enthusiastic feedback about something we never expected: bread pudding.

Naturally, superb cuisine is a staple of our cruises. Delicious fare (elaborate salads, decadent desserts, tender steaks and more) all flow with seeming ease from the ship galley to your dining table. It seems, however, that passenger after passenger have discovered one dish in particular they just can’t get enough of. Holland America’s (HAL) bread pudding has become, among cruisers, a sought-after specialty.

Just Like Mom’s

This dish has become a legend on and even off of HAL cruise ships. We have passengers who make sure to get to the ship early on departure days so they don’t miss a single opportunity to consume (or inhale) a lunch-time serving of bread pudding.“My mother used to make it... This is the next best thing to my mom’s,” says Sandy Stapleton, a passenger who has been on 17 Inspiration cruises.

Are you someone who grew up with this simple dessert casserole that puts leavened leftovers to practical use? Maybe your mom or grandma used to make it at holidays or at the end of the week, and you can’t find it anywhere else that tastes quite as good. If so, rest assured that HAL does this favorite old-time treat so well it will rival even your most treasured taste-bud memories.

But What is it Really?

A novice to bread pudding? Let us enlighten you to the wonders of this casserole-style treat that has come to grace homes and restaurants around the world, and more importantly, the dining room of our favorite, most-frequented cruise line.

Originating around the 12th century as a means of using less than fresh bread, the dish has been transformed globally into a delicious treat with hundreds of variations. We're convinced Holland America has come up with the perfect recipe because of how much our passengers rave about it. Made with layers of white bread baked with eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and raisins, it is then topped with an irresistible sweet vanilla custard.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying a warm, comforting bowl of bread pudding on a brisk Alaska cruise, be sure to order one (or more) when you next join us. This favorite cruiseship delight will fill your stomach with a bit of home while cruising with us across the high seas.

What is your favorite culinary splurge when cruising? Share any tips you have for making the most of the ship’s menu for your fellow cruisers.