Seven Reasons to Book a Christian Cruise to Alaska

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When most people think of a cruise vacation, they think of sun, sand and warm, tropical weather. But in recent years, Alaska has become a premier cruise location—especially during the hot, muggy summer months. Why consider a Christian cruise to Alaska? Here are a few reasons.

It’s distinctive. Alaska is one of the world’s must-see destinations because it is so different from anywhere else. It’s here that God’s Creation seems to be at its most creative—and the ocean-going perspective of a cruise ship is one of the best ways to enjoy it. From the famed Inside Passage, cruise passengers can see unimaginably huge glaciers dropping right into the ocean. And even though many cruise lines dock at Alaskan ports, the land is big enough to accommodate everyone. “The dense green forest and the rugged coastline were so beautiful,” a recent passenger on an Alaska cruise said. “Seeing the scenery change with every mile, right outside the window, was so much more captivating than simply watching an open ocean.”


It’s scenic. This is the wildest place in North America, where emerald forests climb out of deep blue waters, and where snow-capped mountains rise behind impossibly turquoise glaciers. Waterfalls, fjords, bears, eagles...Alaska is the American wilderness at its finest, and a place where everything you see reminds you of God’s glory. “We loved getting to hike and explore Alaska while we were in port,” another passenger says. “But then we equally loved getting to come back, dress up for dinner and enjoy the finer things on our cruise. It was the perfect combo of both worlds for us.”


It’s teeming. In Alaska, expect to see a bald eagle soaring over the deck of your cruise ship as you float into Juneau. Expect to encounter an orca, perhaps, or a majestic humpback whale—the waters off the Alaskan coast are home to 16 different whale species. Inland, the rivers boil with spawning salmon, and the population of grizzly bears in Alaska is as dense as any place in the world. “Even though our cruise covered more than a thousand miles of Alaska’s coastline, we got a sense for truly how big Alaska is,” one cruiser said. “We feel like we only scratched the surface of what there is to see, and we can’t wait to go back someday to see more!”


It’s historical. It was in Skagway, Alaska—the setting for Jack London’s The Call of the Wild—the port where thousands of gold prospectors first landed in Alaska during the 19th century Klondike Gold Rush. Heading inland to the Yukon, a few miners became unimaginably wealthy. Most did not. Alaska is filled with relics and stories of this fascinating time in history.


It’s authentic. The frontier spirit is still alive and well in Alaska, where the remote location and occasionally harsh climate produce some of the hardiest characters on U.S soil. Still, it’s as friendly and neighborly a land as you’ll find. In fact, one of the highlights of a cruise to Alaska is the opportunity to spend time with Alaskans.

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It’s cultural. Native Alaskans are as part of the local culture as the awe-inspiring landscape, especially in ports like Ketchikan, Sitka, and Juneau. Take the time to learn about the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people by visiting one of the many museums and cultural centers you’ll encounter.


It’s restful. Many cruise-goers come back raving about the glaciers. “It was so amazing to watch as the color of the ocean water changed the closer we got to Glacier Bay,” one passenger said. “The milky teal water, with its chunks of ice, was such a pretty contrast to the moss-speckled, gray coastline and the light blue glaciers.” The heavens may declare the glory of God, but the unique colors and wide-open spaces of Alaska offer a different kind of connection to the Creator. One kind of rest may involve soft sand and palm trees...but there’s also a place for the kind of invigorating, soul-stirring break from daily life that Alaska provides. A cruise to Alaska is a chance to get away, to breathe deep, to feel closer to God than ever before.


Why take a Christian cruise to Alaska? Because everywhere you look and in everything you experience, you see God. His wonder. His glory. His presence. In Psalm 145, David praises the Lord for His unfathomable greatness. “I will meditate on your wonderful works,” he sings. Alaska is a place where Christians can meditate on God’s awesome deeds like nowhere else in America.