ReTHINK Your Travels

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Travel is back on the horizon with exciting opportunities for you to reconnect with God, revisit the places you love and reimagine what it means to take a vacation. In our brand-new digital magazine, you’ll find the best opportunities to refresh your faith on a God-centered journey.

Getting away creates purposeful pauses in our hectic routines to slow down and reconnect with what matters. Stepping away, even briefly, brings us to a place where we can leave behind the daily distractions that often drown out His “still, small voice.” 

On our Christian cruises and tours, you’ll travel with renowned Bible teachers, best-selling authors and award-winning worship artists to awe-inspiring locations around the world. Encounter life-changing messages and deep fellowship as you spend time with God—you’ll return home invigorated.

Now is the time to rethink and embrace all the possibilities. Where will you go this year? 

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