Missing Alaska: We Can’t Wait to Go Back in 2021

Inspiration Travel



In a normal year, we’d be wrapping up the Alaska cruise season right now. Many of our team members would be finishing a summer of back-to-back weeks aboard cruise ships, sailing from port to port in Alaska with our ministry partners and travelers.

We find ourselves thinking a lot about Alaska these days. We travel all over the world—our staff have more stamps on their passports than almost anyone we know—but the 49th state remains one of our favorite places on earth. So we asked a few of our experts to share what they’ve been missing most this summer.

Juneau, Alaska

Charlie Spencer
Event Development Executive Director 

I’m missing those evening walks on deck in the crisp Pacific Ocean air, capturing an unbelievable sunset against the backdrop of the Fairweather Mountain range. Then, enjoying the dawn of a new day with the sunrise. I think about the many moments I’ve watched humpback whales breach the surface of the calm, smooth waters of the Inside Passage. All around you, in every moment, God shows up and shows off in Alaska. He’s constantly reminding you of His majesty.

My mind also goes to Alaska’s quaint, frontier-like ports of call, like Skagway, with its boardwalk and Gold Rush history nestled in the pocket of the Chilkoot Mountains. I often enjoyed a hike up to Dewey Creek Lake to catch the views of the bay. My other favorite stop is Alaska’s capital, Juneau, where I never pass up a lunchtime visit to the Twisted Fish restaurant for some fresh halibut and chips!

But I think what I miss most are our guests, some of whom I’ve known now for over 20 years. They’ve become more than passengers. They’re like family! I love catching up on what they’ve been up to since we last traveled together and what adventure with Inspiration they’ve planned next. I think of these friends often and pray they’re staying safe and healthy. I’m looking forward to the next time we get to catch up!

Inspiration Travelers in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Jenna Gould 
Event Development Assistant Director

In Alaska, sailing the smooth waters into gorgeous, serene ports is remarkable. The beauty and calm of the quiet moments just before docking is something that always brings peace to my spirit. Those few moments remind me why I do what I do. Traveling with a purpose—getting out of the noise of day-to-day life—allows me to hear God's promises a little bit louder. 

But what I miss most about cruising in Alaska is the community. There is nothing like walking into a bustling dining room and seeing familiar, smiling faces, all experiencing the same joy and purpose that I am experiencing. Walking off the ship together, seeking out the local coffee shops, finding hidden gems and exploring new paths brings an incredible amount of joy and love to the cruising experience.   

When my spirit is in tune with God’s voice, I'm grateful for the beautiful and remarkable community that travel has surrounded me with and I'm looking forward to sailing again. Not only for the delicious coffee I always come to find in Alaska, but for the total experience that I share with our passengers: travel filled with community, God's voice and a renewing of the spirit. 

Our Inspiration Travel Coordinators in Juneau, Alaska

Michael Stewart
Client Relations Director

There are so many things I love about an Alaska cruise. I keep thinking about the calmness that comes from sailing on the quiet, smooth water with vast uninhabited wilderness on either side of the ship… Walking on the deck with my wife after dinner with a chill in the air and a late, 9pm sunset… Sailing into Ketchikan and watching the seaplanes take off and land beside the ship.

In Ketchikan, I also love going ashore to see my friend Bill at Salmon Etc, a family-owned seafood business. He always knows when our groups are in port and never fails to offer a special “Inspiration Discount.” In Sitka, I enjoy walking the trail to the totem pole park along the marina, or stopping at Ludvig’s Chowder Cart. They serve the best clam chowder anywhere, located in a reconstructed historic mill. You can eat while watching the fisherman bring in their daily salmon catch. 

When we arrive in Juneau, besides visiting our friends at Juneau Whale Watch, I always order crab legs at Tracy’s King Crab Shack or fish and chips at The Twisted Fish. The best days on the ship always end with Holland America Line’s famous warm bread pudding with soft-serve vanilla ice cream. (Is it weird that I really, really miss that bread pudding?

If you’ve joined us in the past on an Alaska cruise, what do you miss most? We’d love to hear your perspective on the scenery, sights and sounds that keep coming to mind.