Israel’s Airport Voted one of World’s Best—and Safest!

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Leading Christian tours to Israel is a big part of what we do. In fact, we have 11 Holy Land tours on our calendar for 2016 already. The only international airport in Israel is located in Tel Aviv. While most travelers probably envision the ancient city of Jerusalem when they picture Israel, we happen to love that Ben Gurion Airport is the first impression passengers get of this modern nation.

Why? Because the airport was recently named one of the top international airports in the world. In their 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards for Best International Airports, the famed lifestyle and luxury magazine Condé Nast Traveler praised Ben Gurion for being one of the most secure airports anywhere on the planet. It’s constantly cited as one of the finest airports in its region and beyond.

Named after Israel’s first prime minister, Tel Aviv’s airport sees 15 million passengers pass through its gates every year. Ben Gurion security personnel include police officers and members of the Israel Defense Forces—both in uniform and undercover—which is one reason it has maintained such a gold standard of security over the course of four decades.

Though you won’t always see it, the latest security technology is everywhere at Ben Gurion. For several years, Israel has been considered a worldwide leader in security innovation, with Israeli companies developing security technology for companies like Microsoft and Google. In fact, as much as 10% of global security technology got its start in Israel! This homegrown emphasis on technology means the high-end detection systems at Ben Gurion are some of the most unique—and studied—in the world, with international security experts constantly looking to Israel for the latest technologies, screening methods and techniques.

In a turbulent region, the international acclaim given to Ben Gurion is always a good reminder of the exemplary standard of safety Israel continues to provide for travelers. Check out our 2016 Israel tours and come see for yourself, as you receive a first-class welcome to the Holy Land through this state-of-the-art airport, used as a model of safety and security the world over.