Israel Remains an Island of Security

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"Shana Tova to you all! As we begin the holiday season we are reflecting over the summer period and we anticipate an equally successful coming year. As always, we look forward to seeing many of you with us in the coming months.

Despite the surrounding turmoil in our neighboring countries, I am glad to report that Israel remains an island of security. As mentioned in our Israel News section, Israeli incoming tourism levels are higher than they have ever been; a reflection of the fact that business continues as normal. In fact, Israel has been a beacon of hope to many suffering refugees, particularly those from Syria. Quietly behind the scenes and out of sight of the media, hospitals in the northern region of Israel have been treating seriously wounded Syrian refugees (Haaretz). To date, over $3 million has been spent to provide medical care for over 120 Syrian nationals. Of which, $1 million has been allocated to Syrian refugees sheltering in Jordan where both Israelis and Jordanians are working in unity; proof that Israel remains willing to help those in need regardless of the nations' history (Haaretz & Jpost).

For the current time, we will be providing regular security updates on our website. I want to encourage you that our God is great and despite the problems all around us, He is faithful: "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). Israel will always face adversity but life continues; God is in control in the big and small. I pray that the LORD blesses you in this New Year; and that He gives you peace as you trust in Him."

Blessings and Shalom,
Samuel Smadja


What's New In Israel

Incoming tourists create a new record within the first half of the year with more than 240,000 tourists arriving in the month of July alone; a grand total of over two million visitors since the beginning of the year. This is a 1% rise since last year, and an 8% increase since 2011. This increase reflects the appeal and charm of the country which as the Minister of Tourism, Uzi Landau, comments is “leading the tourists to vote with their feet”. Minister Landau vows to further increase the number of tourists coming to Israel and maximize Israel’s potential in the tourist industry; one of the integral components to economic growth.