How to Pack for Your Next Vacation

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The most common question we receive from travelers is what to pack for their upcoming cruise or tour. While we have a checklist on the resources pages of our website, we are often asked for specific recommendations.

With that in mind, we present to you our Travel Coordinators’ top-picked items to bring. We’ve also added links to some of our favorite Amazon travel essentials for your convenience so you can focus on eagerly anticipating your trip.


Two women and a man wearing windbreaker jackets and headbands, carrying various bags, cameras and coffee cups, stand at a cruise ship’s railing, laughing off-camera with the icy blue ocean and mountains in the background.
Whale watching in Juneau, Alaska

Because of the state’s vast size, Alaska’s summer weather can differ significantly and change frequently—temperatures can reach up to 80 degrees (depending on the elevation) during the day and be chilly at night. Alaska is also known to have frequent rain all year round (yes, even in the summer!) because of the state’s unique rainforest ecosystem. Here are our best packing tips and two items you’ll definitely want to bring:

Canada/New England 

A couple in their early 60s smile for the camera with the man’s arm around his wife’s shoulder; a sunny, blue bay with small green hills and various boats are in the background.
Exploring the East Coast

Nothing is more iconic and beautiful than the autumn weather in the Northeast. Bundle up in layers because mornings and evenings will be crisp, while middays will be sunny! What should you bring to a Canada/New England cruise? We’ve got you covered:


Two middle-aged ladies smile for the camera while wearing black swimsuit covers, hats and sunglasses while lounging on the cruise ship’s deck chairs.
Relaxing by the lido pool

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen on a cruise to the Caribbean so you can soak up the sun all week long. Need more help with sun-friendly apparel? We’ve included our top Amazon picks to stay cool and protected:


Two couples in different bright patterned shirts smile for the camera in front of green shrubbery and a brown brick castle towering in the background.
Enjoying the charm of Germany’s castles

Your exceptional European tour awaits! Now, you can explore worry-free, knowing you’ve packed everything you need. The weather varies widely depending on where you travel and what season you visit, but to ensure you have the essentials, check out the top tips and products we love so you can pack as efficiently as possible:


A multi-generational family smiles for the camera on a sunny day in front of coastal plants and a rocky tan beach along the Mediterranean Sea.
There’s nothing better than traveling the world with the family!

Traveling to Israel for the first time? We’re here to help. Summers get fairly warm and dry, with an average temperature of 79 degrees. Winters are wet and cold with an average temperature of 55 degrees. Below are helpful packing tips and products to make your journey through the Holy Land exceptional:


A group of travelers pose for the camera in the busy plaza of Saint Mark's Basilica church in Venice, Italy.

The warm coastal air can bring refreshing relief to the dry summer weather of the Mediterranean. To best prepare for your cruise to this delightful region, check out these helpful resources:

Washington, D.C./USA

A group of older travelers stand together smiling for the camera in front of the entrance to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
Travelers stand in front of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

A tour through our nation’s capital gives believers the opportunity to see how Christianity has greatly shaped our country. There is so much to see and experience, including iconic monuments with scripture lining the walls and world-class museums that highlight our spiritual past. Here’s what to bring and what to leave at home:

Whether traveling to the other side of the globe or exploring a little closer to home, thank you for trusting us to help ensure you have everything you need for the most memorable trip ever.