How Israel’s Residents Are Uniting During Crisis

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As the world watches the conflict in Israel unfold, we find ourselves deeply saddened for everyone in danger. We (and undoubtedly many of you) long to be there again. In November 2023, we spoke with one of our friends in Jerusalem via Zoom. She shared about daily life and how to pray amid these challenging times. We’ve kept her identity confidential to ensure her safety.

Q: What does life look like for you now living in Israel?

A: For those that still have jobs, they go to work every day. Fortunately, I still have a job, but I have taken on extra responsibilities because many of my co-workers serve in the military. Between work and supporting my community, it feels like I work 24/7. Many of us continue to work, not just for work’s sake but hoping we’ll have peace again one day.

Q: How is the community coming together to help?

A: Our culture here is very community-driven—if something happens, everyone comes together to help in any way they can. Restaurants, businesses, civilians—anyone who is healthy and able—gather food, first aid supplies and personal care items for the elderly (those who cannot go outside) and the military. Hotels are housing displaced people. Many of us, including myself, use our entire salary to buy supplies for soldiers. Because this war is so personal, we all desire to fight together, support each other and grieve together despite our differences. We pray daily for the hostages to be returned.

Q: Can you share your story of how you became a believer?

A: It started with my service in the military. In Israel, everyone must be in the army for a few years. I was drafted and served for one year and three months during COVID-19. Afterward, I volunteered with the army for three years. My time for serving expired at the end of September, one week before the war began. Leading up to this time, I felt the need to dive deeper into Christianity. Everything started to change for my faith, and I felt I understood who Jesus was and what He meant in my life. That day, the Tuesday before the war started, I prayed and accepted Jesus into my life. It felt like my birthday; I felt reborn. And now, I realize I can’t manage during the war without Him.

Q: What can people worldwide do to support those impacted by the current events?

A: Pray for Israel. Pray for the hostages to be freed and returned safely to their families. Pray for the safety of soldiers and innocent civilians in Israel and Gaza. I also ask for everyone to have grace and understanding toward others. To have the curiosity and willingness to learn about other cultures and peoples. To have patience for those who are different from themselves. If the Holocaust has taught us anything…if we silently stand by, we are participating. This mantra is drilled into everyone during their service with the military; it doesn’t matter if it is part of your “job” or not. If you see something unjust happening, you are responsible for addressing and standing up against it, or you are a participant. And we must remember that. We must take action. Please share my story with others so they can know what it is like in Israel. You can stay connected and hear interviews from others affected by the ongoing conflict by clicking here to visit the TBN Israel YouTube channel or clicking here to visit their website.

We deeply appreciate our friend sharing her experience and insights with us. What an important reminder about the power of unity and understanding within our communities (and the church). May her update inspire and focus your prayers for Israel, Gaza and the many lives impacted by the ongoing conflict.

While many of our Israel tours have been postponed, we have others on the calendar in the eager hope that peace comes soon.