A Gaither Homecoming Dream Come True

Hannah Hinson



Boats docked at a rocky port with majestic mountains of Alaska in the background
A breathtaking view of majestic mountains and a serene port in Alaska

For many, a Christian travel experience is the event of a lifetime. Cruising Alaska’s majestic waterways, surrounded by soul-stirring Gospel music is truly unforgettable. God moved our hearts to make this possible for a deserving senior. The story is an encouraging one and we wanted to share it with you. 

We Are Young (WAY) is a Canadian organization that grants wishes to older adults to show them they are not forgotten. Despite life’s highs and lows, WAY ensures that seniors fulfill a dream they’ve been holding onto, but never had the opportunity to live out. 

WAY shares the inspiring stories of some very special seniors who were profoundly impacted by experiencing their long-deferred dreams: 

  • Elizabeth Baillie (81) fulfilled a lifelong wish to go dog sledding. 
  • Jacob Bondt (72) flew a helicopter for the first time. 
  • Elise Richard (79) bonded with an aging, rescued horse. 

These uplifting events restore dignity and meaning to the lives of people often neglected by society and who may be losing hope. 

Lorraine Allen (79) had a long-held wish of her own. After faithfully watching the Gaithers on TV every week for decades, she longed to embark on an adventure in which she joined them on one of their Homecoming cruises. Their music is such a blessing to her, especially since her husband’s passing. She knew seeing them live on stage would be an unparalleled experience.

When WAY contacted Inspiration Cruises & Tours with Lorraine’s wish, we were happy to work with the Gaithers to gift her a stateroom on the 2022 Gaither Homecoming Cruise to Alaska. Being from Cape Breton Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, this was a cross-continental journey for her; but boy was she ready for it and Lorraine found herself on an unforgettable journey. WAY shares: 

She got on a plane for the first time, went on a cruise ship for the first time, and saw the Gaithers play live, along with many other of her favorite musicians, for the first time. Lorraine experienced the trip of a lifetime with her son Tom. Lorraine whispered as she held back tears, “It’s more than a dream come true; it’s a little piece of heaven.”

You took the words out of our mouths, Lorraine! The Bible tells us to “rejoice with those who rejoice” (Romans 12:15a). So, we hope you, dear reader, will also praise God on behalf of Lorraine’s dream come true. We would also love for you to join us on the next Gaither Homecoming Cruise so that you’ll have a travel testimony of your own.

We’d love to hear how God has blessed you through the gift of Christian travel.