Caribbean Update in the Wake of Hurricane Season

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Please continue to join us in prayer for those who have been affected by the severe weather that has rocked parts of the Western Hemisphere. The Caribbean experienced serious storms and hurricane winds causing power outages and structural damage on certain islands.

With several Caribbean cruises scheduled in the next six months— including Turning Point with David Jeremiah over New Years and Gaither Homecoming in March—passengers may wonder whether their travel will be impacted. Utilizing our contacts within the travel industry, we’re answering our passengers’ most frequently asked questions in this special update.

“Will my cruise be affected?”

First things first: All scheduled cruises are still happening and will be just as rejuvenating and spiritually refreshing as you have come to expect! We encourage guests with reservations—and anyone considering joining an upcoming cruise—to continue planning, praying and getting excited.

As for itineraries, the majority of Western and Southern Caribbean ports were only minimally affected and, if not open already, will be well before the upcoming cruise season. For instance, Holland America Line’s private island of Half Moon Cay is fully up-and-running. However, several Eastern Caribbean ports were left in need of more significant assessment and repairs. Fortunately, rerouting is not uncommon for Caribbean cruises, due to weather or other factors. This renowned region is filled with glorious, fascinating islands. Should the cruise lines determine it’s best to switch one of your ports for another, rest assured your new stop will be just as breathtaking. And if we skip a port stop altogether, that simply means there is more time to explore the glorious ship we’ll be on—with onboard experiences designed for your enjoyment and relaxation. If alterations are made to your ship’s itinerary, we’ll be sure to make you aware of the new route.

“What efforts are being made to restore the islands?”

Our cruise partners including Holland America Line have been at the forefront of providing aid in the places that suffered the most damage. Their ships have delivered food, water and medical supplies as part of ongoing relief efforts. Help is being provided where it’s most needed, and we’ll soon know what long-term efforts will be required for those areas more affected by the storm surge.

“How can I help?”

Along with praying for the recovery efforts, we encourage you to come to the Caribbean and bring the light and love of Christ to all you meet. Your presence will speak louder than words! There is no better way to support the people of the Caribbean than to visit their homeland. This will enable residents and communities that depend on tourism to continue making a living and providing for their families.

The Inspiration Travel Foundation receives offerings from concerned passengers to bless those in need in the Caribbean and our other destinations. For example, you can give to help the boys at this orphanage in Haiti. One hundred percent of your gift will go directly to the cause you choose.  

All Aboard

The Caribbean’s beauty is astounding—part of the reason why it’s the world’s most sought-after cruise destination. And don’t forget about the extraordinary, uplifting group events you’ll enjoy onboard no matter what ports you visit: making new friends while sharing meals and laughter; dynamic messages and Bible teaching; worshiping with Believers from around the world. A week-long Christian cruise filled with memorable moments spent in God’s presence will be one of the best getaways you’ve ever had. Don’t let anything hold you back from experiencing it!