The Best Chocolate Fix in Alaska

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When cruising coastal Alaska, our passengers anticipate the magnificent glaciers, breathtaking mountains, lush forests and up-close wildlife. But what you may not expect to find are the local hidden gems that we, after many years of introducing Christians to America’s 49th state, have discovered. Instead of keeping these secrets to ourselves, we love to share them with you to enrich your Alaska cruising experience.

While there is much to see in the quaint port of Ketchikan, we always make a point to tell our passengers about our favorite small town sweet shop, KetchiCandies, a unique candy shop aptly named after its location. This out-of-the-way gem is so well-known and loved by Inspiration passengers that ministry leaders like David Jeremiah will often make an announcement about it to the whole group on his cruises.

New KetchiCandies sign 2017

Over the years, the shop has become incredibly popular with cruise passengers. The delicious melt-in-your mouth experience that KetchiCandies gives each customer keeps people coming back for more. The shop recently moved to a larger location and moved the candy workshop off-site. Return passengers looking for a treat will just need to wander a bit farther down to 500 Mission St. Suite #2 to get one of the infamous chocolate covered Oreos or other delectable treats.

Old Time Family Shop

Stepping into the sweet smelling shop, you might feel like you’ve gone back in time. It’s a simple, down-to-earth place where the made-from-scratch candy serves as the focal point. Popular items include fudge, truffles, turtles and cherry cordials. Not a chocolate lover? Try the saltwater taffy.


The shop itself began a quarter of a century ago. Owned by former logger Steven Thomas whose family taught him the candy business, KetchiCandies employs friendly locals who are excited to share their tasty homemade treats with tourists from around the world. Shailee Henderson is the manager at KetchiCandies where her older sister worked before her. In the small town of around 8,500, they are family friends with the owner.

Shoppers in KetchiCandies 2017

Her favorite part of working at the shop?

Meeting the people who come from all over the world, many of whom have already heard of the KetchiCandies reputation. “They have crazy stories about how they heard about us from somewhere like Europe. It’s amazing to hear how far our chocolate has traveled,” she says.


Why go?

One of our Travel Coordinators, Kelly Martin, has cruised to Alaska countless times and stopping at KetchiCandies has become a routine, if not a necessary part of the trip. Even though you can get all kinds of delicious desserts on the cruise ship, she still likes to go and experience the local treats.

“I always get something to take home and something for me to have a taste of Ketchikan. It’s not a fancy place, but they put their quality in the candy,” she says of the truly small town shop.

We love sharing with you stunning Alaskan views as well as community building times of teaching and worship. Those serve as the main course of your travel with us. However, a quick jaunt to KetchiCandies will truly be the flavorful icing on the cake of your Christian cruise experience.