Amy Grant Talks about Music and Travel

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If ever there were anyone who didn’t need an introduction, it’s Amy Grant. Her distinctive voice carrying the haunting melody of “El Shaddai” seems to be forever etched into the spiritual DNA of a generation. Now, sitting at the pinnacle of an epic career that has crossed over from Contemporary Christian to Mainstream Pop, Amy is up to something new.

When Amy announced plans to host her first cruise to Alaska in 2017, the singer’s fans responded immediately. In fact, half of the available cabins were gone within the first week they went on sale! We asked Amy what she loves about the cruising experience, the wild landscape of Alaska and the passionate fan base she’s come to view as her extended family.

Inspiration: What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think about your fans?

Amy Grant: Friends. I love that my music has brought so many amazing and unique people together. They’ve become friends to me, but more importantly, to each other. Together, we’ve built a community where everyone is welcome.

Amy Grant smiling with fans

What has that community meant to you during your career?  

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people through my music. It’s such an honor when I get the opportunity to share in someone's joy or bring comfort in tough times. Music has a way of connecting people like nothing else can. Traveling and being away from my family can be difficult at times, but seeing familiar faces in the audience has a way of making me feel at home no matter where I am.

Traditionally, your fans travel to see you. How do you feel about traveling somewhere together?

I’ve hosted hundreds of friends at my farm in Franklin, Tennessee, now three times. It was such fun for me to get to introduce them to my hometown and watch them experience new things for the first time. This time [in Alaska], it will be an adventure for all of us—a chance to disconnect from the daily grind and really connect with each other, soak in some of God’s most beautiful scenery, and make unforgettable memories together.

Amy farm friends

What types of moments are you looking forward to sharing with them?

In addition to the breathtaking route we will be traveling, I’m looking forward to taking everyone on a musical journey throughout the week. I can’t say too much, but there are some pretty exciting ideas brewing already!

You’ve been to Alaska before. What did you love most about it?

My grandmother took my sisters and me on an Alaskan cruise when I was 13. My favorite things about that trip were spending time with my family, exploring the boat and being in Glacier Bay. The scenery is simply stunning. Having spent my career traveling, I’ve always been amazed by the diversity of the landscape across this country. There is beauty in every corner, but Alaska is in a league of its own, and everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime.

Amy Grant hulahoop

Would you describe yourself as an “outdoorsy person”? Do you prefer rural or natural settings to city life?

Absolutely! Anyone who knows me well will tell you that there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in the great outdoors. Camping, gardening, hiking, biking, beekeeping, working on my farm—I am most at home and feel the most connected to the Creator when I’m in nature.

You just released Tennessee Christmas, your first new Christmas album in nearly two decades. Do you have a favorite song on it?

The whole project is special to me because it was created in our home. I’m so proud of these songs because they are a true reflection of all the most intimate feelings the holidays bring out in us. From anticipation to joy, nostalgia to romance, loneliness to grief, no matter what you’re feeling this holiday season, there’s something you can relate to on this record.

amy grant outdoors

Over the decades, Amy has given so much to her listeners through her honest, deeply felt lyrics. Now, she’s giving her fans the chance to get to know yet another side of her. We’re looking forward to making memories with this music icon in one of America’s most awe-inspiring settings. Will we see you there?