5 Travel-Friendly Fashion Finds

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You want to feel comfortable and look fantastic when you’re on vacation, but heading off to your next destination is not simply a question of how to pack your suitcase—it's a question of what to pack in it. The question is whether your everyday clothes will suffice, or if your wardrobe would benefit from having a few pieces added in, designed with travel in mind.

How do you thread the balance between fashion and functionality? We’ve browsed the best of the web and spoken to the frequent travelers on our team to find those answers. Here’s a few inventive and show-stopping items that will have you looking lovely and traveling light.


Travel Tunic

This roomy TravelSmith convertible neckline tunic, stylish yet relaxed, is perfect for pairing with fitted leggings or flowy gaucho pants. The three-quarter-length sleeve detail makes it great for evenings or when there’s a slight chill in the air. But the part we love most is that there’s no way to put this shirt on backwards. Whether you wear it as shown, or turn it around to create a flattering V neckline, you can’t go wrong.


Reversible dress

Another TravelSmith find, this garment is two dresses for the price of one. It’s cut in an A-line shape, which is flattering to all figures. But this Reversible Voyager knit dress also turns inside out to become a solid black knee-length, perfect for a special evening. When you emerge for dinner with a completely new look, your travel companions will be none the wiser. It’s also wrinkle-resistant and made in the USA.

The well-made Aerosoles Solitaire slip-on is great for any summer outing, but is especially smart for travel. Handmade soles and special stitching provide extra flexibility for walking tours or island exploring. Plus, suede lining and memory foam insoles add odor-absorbing comfort. Aerosoles produces these loafers in plenty of prints and colors. With the space they’ll save in your suitcase, you may want to pick up more than one pair!


Kiki Swim Dress

Athleta (a company created by GAP) makes activewear with a chic, athletic cut. The mobility focus means a reliance on quick-drying and durable fabrics. We love their sleek and flattering Kiki Swim Dress. It’s rated UPF 50+ for sunny days on the lido deck. While its swim fabric is designed for water, the garment also passes as a dress that's comfortable as it is modest. Perfect for group travel!


Scarves (2)

We’re about to let you in on our favorite fashion secret, guaranteed to maximize any travel wardrobe: Bringing 5-7 lightweight scarves with you is the easiest way to keep your look fresh without packing multiples outfits. Invest is one classic little black dress, which can be worn every night of a cruise, and pair it with a different scarf each evening for a completely new look! Scarves give an air of refinement, take up little space and can double as a shawl when it gets breezy. We recommend several bright colors that complement your skin tone, as well as a print or two.


LL Bean waterproof

If you’re planning to cruise Alaska’s gorgeous waterways (or anywhere you might encounter mist and showers) you’ll want a waterproof jacket designed with travel in mind. The popular, breathable, sturdy stowaway has been a favorite among L.L. Bean shoppers for years. Enjoy its fantastic features, like an adjustable hood and reinforced visor that keeps rain off your face. And the best part is that it fits into a pocket—its own—folding down snugly into a zippered enclosure for optimum portability. It comes in four colors, including aquamarine (above) and our favorite, cherry.

Have you found a piece that’s become a staple of your travel wardrobe? We’d like to hear your thoughts, questions and ideas on fashion-conscious travel. And, of course, we’d love to lead you on your next Christian travel experience.

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