4 Travel Tips to Make the Most of Your Trip

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You’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, possibly even years. It’s finally here. Packed bags ready as you prepare to depart, you want to make the most of your journey. Here are our 4 top travel tips from taking travelers abroad for over three decades.

Photo by Beth Rubin

Stay Present

Perhaps you’re traveling to get away from daily deadlines, responsibilities, or the ever-present distractions of smartphones/technology. Venturing into a new culture and destination is filled with unexpected delights, especially when you stay in the moment. 

Take photos, but don’t bury yourself in your phone. Make a list of your top interests, but be open to what each moment presents. Notice the details surrounding you as each of your five senses awakens to new smells, languages, music, views and textures. Try new things and take it all in!

Photo by Beth Rubin

Embrace new friendships

When you travel with other believers, you may discover new life-long friends, whether you’ve embarked on a cruise to Alaska or a tour of biblical Israel. Encounters between faith-focused people—especially in a unique setting—can spark enriching conversations and cultivate deep friendships. 

Smile at those traveling with you and have a couple of simple questions in your back pocket to get to know them. A few of our favorites are: “Where are you from? What brought you on this trip? What are you passionate about?” Try speaking the locals’ language; they love to help well-meaning travelers. Make friends from around the world just by saying hello, being genuinely interested in them and listening well!

Stay flexible 

Leaving home is consciously stepping out of your comfort zone to explore and discover a new place and people: a catalyst for living unforgettable stories. Enter into your travel experience with an open mind as you’re visiting cultures with a different perspective and communities with different economic realities and priorities. 

Sign up for an exciting excursion. Ask questions. You’re making memories—and many of the best ones come unexpectedly. Adventure awaits.

Photo by Beth Rubin

Pray as you go 

Expect to hear from God as you travel, and for the experience to deepen your faith. That anticipation puts you in a position of openness to the Spirit’s leading and His work on your heart. 

The best way to create anticipation is through prayer. Pray before your trip. Pray during your trip. Pray after your trip—for the people you met, for the lessons you learned and for the impact the experience will have on your faith. Prayer unlocks the door for God to work within and it’s an essential component of Christian travel.

Are you ready for a life-changing Christian travel experience? 

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