Explore Israel in Depth with a New, Interactive Video

Christian Tour

On their website, our friends at Israel’s Ministry of Tourism have released an interactive video in which you can choose your preferred “tour guide” and follow him or her through specific itineraries, destinations and activities in Israel. These live characters are “Ronni,” a tour guide who specializes in religion and history; “Amit,” a young man interested in outdoor adventures; and “Sharon,” who’s knowledgeable about leisure and lifestyle interests. Viewers can pick the tour guides who best fit their interests and then will enjoy digital visits to as many as 72 sites in Israel—which you get to select yourself as you watch.

While not all of our guests will be interested in Tel Aviv nightlife or riding Segways—just two of the dozens of activities shown in the video—a youthful curiosity and adventurous spirit is vital to travel and we think Christian travelers to Israel will find this video an engrossing first look at the country. Of particular interest is the character of Ronni and his digital tours to the holy and historic places of Israel. Take a look at the video here and explore Israel in depth.

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