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Being a Testimony before the Watching World

Christian Tour

On our last visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jersusalem, I noticed a young guide taking a group of Israeli Air Force pilots on a tour of the Street of the Righteous. This is a long series of trees planted to honor Gentiles who risked their own lives to save Jews during WW2. Then I noticed the guide was standing by the tree honoring Corrie Ten Boom and holding a large photo of Corrie as he talked, in Hebrew, of course. When he was done, I asked him about what he was saying and told him Corrie had attended our church in California in her later years. He then regathered the group and translated so I could tell them what I was telling him about Corrie. I marveled again how Corrie’s life and testimony continue to speak years after she left this earth and in such a unique place. If you are traveling with us this month in the Holy Land, you will also see the tree and be challenged as to your own testimony before the watching world. See you there!

Paul Sailhamer
Emcee, 2012 Israel Tour

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