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Max Lucado finds Insight in Jerusalem

...From out of nowhere, her father appeared. By looking at his hair and clothing, I knew he was a Hasidic Jew. When he heard his daughter cry, “Abba”, he realized that she was separated from the family. I watched closely; I wanted to see what an abba would do.

Up Close: Coins of the Bible
Spiritual Focus

"Our Tahiti cruise with Chuck Swindoll was an adventure worthy to be experienced... Our spiritual lives came into very clear focus! The fellowship was extraordinary not only with the Pastor and his staff but with our fellow passengers.  To be with faithful followers was like being in church all day every day." 
– Roland & Heidi R.

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"My wife Kathy and I have spent the last 20 years taking our Walk in the Word family all across the globe. After every trip with Inspiration Cruises & Tours, I sense our people come home encouraged and refreshed by God’s Word."

James McDonald
Chicago, IL
Jon Acuff
Brings Humor to Christian Cruising
Funny signs
Ever seen a warning like this?
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