Unexpected community
by Skip Heitzig

In my years as a pastor, I’ve noticed that most Christians are familiar with the New Testament Greek word koinonia, translated in our English Bibles as fellowship. But I don’t think there’s a more overused and undervalued term in the church today.


Behind the scenes
Unique Places in Israel: Yad Hashmona

Nestled in a quiet Judean hillside twenty minutes west of Jerusalem, is a place you’ve likely never heard of. Yet, it’s the only place...

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News & Innovations
8 Innovations Changing the Way We Travel

It’s hard to believe how much has changed since the Wright brothers’ first powered flight just 113 years ago.

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Kay Arthur's Heart for Israel
A New View

“Perspective! That’s what changed when my wife and I traveled to Israel. Looking at a map vs. actually visiting biblical sights just won’t compare."

-Bob B.

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“I love writing and preaching about the heart of God.  Taking folks to the homeland of Jesus, while sharing biblical truths, is an incomparable experience. What better place than Israel to ponder God’s love and grace!”                   

Max Lucado
Secrets to the Perfect Grill
Lost in Translation
Hilarity in (mis)communication
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