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Bethlehem: Step into the Story

Have you sung “O Little Town of Bethlehem” yet this year? Or attended a live nativity complete with Mary, Joseph, shepherds and sheep? At Christmastime, Believers’ thoughts always drift to...   Read more


Finding God on the Waters by Chuck Swindoll

I need to tell you that my wife, Cynthia, and I love to set sail! The moment our feet step onto the gangway, we enter a world… set apart. We...   Read more

Odd & Interesting Facts about Israel

Every year, Inspiration Cruises & Tours takes thousands of passengers to Israel. These Christian tours are led by pastors and Christian leaders who bring biblical insight and understanding to your...   Read more


Step Inside the Hometown of Jesus

Christians on a spiritual pilgrimage to Israel expect to encounter God in powerful ways. Praying at the Western Wall. Singing in the Upper Room. Sailing on the Sea of Galilee....   Read more

The Galilee Experience: Meeting Jesus Here

Waking up at dawn isn’t something on most travelers’ to-do lists; except when it means taking in a tranquil sunrise and spending your morning where Jesus chose to spend much...   Read more


Max Lucado Finds Insight in Jerusalem

By Max Lucado Of all His names, Father is God’s favorite. We know He loves this name most because this is the one He used most. While on earth, Jesus...   Read more


Up Close: Coins of the Bible

Travelers on our Israel tours are often surprised to encounter archaeological digs taking place right before their eyes. They expect a spiritually profound experience, but are astonished when they also...   Read more

11 of Israel’s Top Achievements in 2016

Despite its small size and population, Israel is a massive contributor to the world’s technological and medical spheres. It’s a place of enormous historical, cultural and spiritual significance. It accomplishes...   Read more

A Word from Benjamin Netanyahu to Christians

In a newly released video recorded at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encouraged Christians to visit Israel in the coming year. “I’m so proud...   Read more

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Israel

With half a dozen upcoming Israel tours planned, this tiny nation remains one of our most prominent destinations as a faith-based travel company. And no matter how many times we...   Read more

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