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Our Worship Service by the Sea

Our worship service this morning at Caesarea by the Sea. What a wonderful way to experience the presence of the Lord. Experience a panoramic view of the theater.  Read more

Joppa—Israel’s Ancient Port

Joppa served as Israel’s primary port in the Old Testament. Coming to the site always makes me think of the reluctant prophet, Jonah. Remember that guy? Jonah boarded a ship...   Read more

At the World’s Crossroads

Our new friends have arrived at last! We come from all over the world, but we share a common desire to explore the land of Israel—and a hope that what...   Read more

Joppa by Night

Last night a group of weary travelers fought off jetlag and strolled down the beach to the ancient city of Joppa. The city is full of beautiful buildings, interesting signage...   Read more

The Holy Land Is Breathtaking

It’s our second evening in Tel Aviv, and I’m taken back by the beauty of this area and the magnificence of the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea. We visited Joppa...   Read more

Enjoying Our First Gathering!

Paul Sailhamer was our emcee for our first gathering tonight. It just wouldn’t be an Insight for Living event without him as our skillful, entertaining host. Eric Baesel Israel 2012...   Read more

Egyptian Ruins in Joppa

It’s hard to believe just yesterday we were in America! Our hotel in Tel Aviv sits right next to ancient Joppa (think Jonah and Peter). In fact, a short walk...   Read more

Safe Landing in Tel Aviv

Having arrived safe and sound at Ben Gurion Airport, Todd and Bryant begin the work of “bag noodling.” Eric Baesel Israel 2012 Tour Photographer  Read more

Next Stop, Tel Aviv

All the preparations and packing are complete. Our tickets are in hand. It’s not something you get to say every day: “See you in Tel Aviv!” Owen Wildman Israel 2012...   Read more

Gearing Up for Israel

When your friendly photographers are packing their bags for Israel, we can’t neglect the necessities: good walking shoes, a wide-brimmed hat, and a few other essentials! Who knows what unforgettable...   Read more

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