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Panoramic photo of a tropical coast with palms hanging over a beautiful turquoise sea.

The Best of Barbados

Though it may be the 13th smallest country in the world, Barbados, known as “Little England” in the Caribbean West Indies, is a destination must for travelers. Its British roots...   Read more

Gaither artists singing together on a stage

A Gaither Homecoming Dream Come True

For many, a Christian travel experience is the event of a lifetime. Cruising Alaska’s majestic waterways, surrounded by soul-stirring Gospel music is truly unforgettable. God moved our hearts to make...   Read more

Two female cousins meet for the first time and smile for a picture together

A Family Reunion Like No Other

The most celebrated aspect of a Christian travel experience with Inspiration is the many divine appointments that happen on our cruises and tours. When asked what most impacted them, over...   Read more

How to Make the Most of Your Christian Travel Cruise or Tour

The world is waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re anticipating a cruise to Alaska, a tour of Israel or an unforgettable Inspiration experience to the Caribbean—we want every step of...   Read more


The Top Experiences in St. Thomas

Welcome to St. Thomas! From the moment your ship docks near Charlotte Amalie, you’ll be surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, lush tropical hills and the anticipation...   Read more

Aerial view of Perito Moreno Glacier


Alaska’s Glaciers: Your Questions Answered

An Alaska cruise has plenty to offer Christian travelers, from the majestic landscapes, to the unique ports, to the wild adventure promised by this region. The amazing Bible teachers and...   Read more

We Love Christian Travel (You Will Too!)

Excitement is everywhere and new experiences await in the world-renowned destinations you’ve always wanted to visit. Travel reinvigorates us, refreshes us and causes us to see life through a new...   Read more

Six Delicious Dining Tips from Veteran Cruisers

Whether heading south to the Caribbean or north to Alaska, traveling by cruise ship offers a unique travel experience. Cruises are a world apart from everyday life, and for those...   Read more

Smiling woman in a red shirt standing on the deck of a cruise ship

Ready for Renewal: The Spiritual Benefits of Travel

Spiritual vacations and retreats have been considered a powerful Christian practice for centuries. Jesus regularly retreated to a solitary place to draw closer to God, away from the pressure of...   Read more

Green mountain cliffs and clear blue water of Napali Coast on Kauai island, Hawaii


Island Hopping: 5 Reasons a Cruise is the Best Way to See Hawaii

Almost everyone dreams of visiting Hawaii, where spectacular beaches, tropical weather and a unique culture combine to make it a paradise by any sense of the word. But when travelers...   Read more

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