Articles from Canada/New England

Québec City: European Charm on the East Coast

Want to enjoy the feel of Europe without leaving North America? The solution is as close as Québec City, Canada. Located less than 100 miles from Maine, Québec City is...   Read more

The Bar Harbor Pie Shop You CANNOT Pass Up

For many, a Christian cruise to Canada & New England is a lifelong dream come true. A big, bucket list item to cross off your travel itinerary during the season...   Read more

Why Cruising is the Best Way to See New England

New England and Canada’s Atlantic Seaboard are high on many travelers’ bucket lists—and for good reason. This region combines exquisite natural beauty with a fascinating history. But New England is...   Read more

Smitty-oke Revolution

If there’s one person who knows how to set the stage for a good karaoke night, it’s Michael W. Smith. In fact he’s so good that these special events have their...   Read more

Finding Treasure

Walking into the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal felt similar to walking into the Manhattan Macy’s with two toddlers at my side: beautiful and overwhelming. Only this time, it was delightful....   Read more

To be at Green Gables with Anne

Anne Shirley. That spunky, freckled nose, carrot top (but don’t call her that to her face) hero to young girls (perhaps many old by now). L.M. Montgomery, author of the...   Read more

World’s Best Raspberry Pie

On a shore excursion we had the World’s Best Raspberry Pie at Prince Edward Island Preserve Company on Prince Edward Island. See the little cheesecake layer near the crust?? YUMMM!...   Read more

Michael W. Smith Concert

Smitty and his band performing in the showroom. He’s such a talented musician and the most gracious person that you will ever meet! There were so many incredible concerts this...   Read more