Articles from Precept Ministries

Israel Tours: Why David Arthur and Kay Arthur Return Every Year

By David Arthur Precept Ministries celebrates its 50th year of ministry in 2020. As of today, we are working in nearly 180 countries. By God’s grace, our Bible studies are...   Read more


And He Called Her ‘Beloved’

By Kay Arthur                       Why is taking people to Israel and teaching them God’s Word where it happened, my favorite thing...   Read more

Hummus, Couscous and “Cheeeeeese!”

There’s one on every tour, it seems: the guy who ends up in way too many of your photos. Not because he’s photogenic, but because he’s everywhere. We had that...   Read more

Petra Tour

The Breathtaking Wonder of Petra

You might recall its appearance from films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) or Arabian Nights (1942). Or maybe you remember its role in the more recent Left...   Read more

Like David in an Israel Desert

You know that moment when a dear friend experiences a really fantastic, life-altering event, and as much as you want to hug them and cheer with them you also kind...   Read more