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Michael W. Smith on Faith, Music & Travel

Beloved singer and songwriter, Michael W. Smith, travels around the world performing to sold-out crowds. Despite his busy schedule, we were able to catch up with him for an exclusive...   Read more

Whale Watching with Michael W. Smith

If you got the chance to talk with Michael W. Smith, you’d probably want to ask him something about the music he’s made over the years. But if you asked...   Read more

Michael W. Smith Gives Early Christmas Gift to Soldier

Our friend and ministry partner Michael W. Smith continues to display his passion for U.S. military veterans and their loved ones. On the heels of this summer’s Wounded Warrior project...   Read more

The Wounded Warrior Project Cruises to Alaska with America’s Heroes

We treat all passengers on our cruises and tours like VIP’s. However, a few passengers on our recent Alaska cruise with Michael W. Smith & Friends came with a status beyond words...   Read more

One Shining Moment at Sea Produces One Sparkling Ring!

We return from every tour and cruise with heart-warming stories. Couples celebrating anniversaries. Families reuniting. Long-time fans enjoying personal time with their favorite artists and bands. But some of these moments...   Read more

Around the World in One Passenger List

Just a few weeks ago we enjoyed another amazing Christian travel experience with Michael W. Smith. We’ve partnered with Smitty many times in the past, and always enjoy his gracious...   Read more

Michael W Smith Tennessee Weekend

What A Weekend with Michael W. Smith

There’s no denying that when it comes to Christian music, Michael W. Smith looms large. He was part of a key group of artists in the 1980s that changed the...   Read more

Forever Friends (Pretty Much) With Michael W. Smith

I’ve been a huge Michael W. Smith fan since college, just like pretty much everyone I went to school with.  My roommate and I may or may not have had...   Read more

Smitty-oke Revolution

If there’s one person who knows how to set the stage for a good karaoke night, it’s Michael W. Smith. In fact he’s so good that these special events have their...   Read more

Finding Treasure

Walking into the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal felt similar to walking into the Manhattan Macy’s with two toddlers at my side: beautiful and overwhelming. Only this time, it was delightful....   Read more

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