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Finding God on the Waters by Chuck Swindoll

I need to tell you that my wife, Cynthia, and I love to set sail! The moment our feet step onto the gangway, we enter a world… set apart. We...   Read more


When God has Other Plans

By Chuck Swindoll Years ago, when I was a teenager growing up in East Houston, three other buddies and I spent a lot of time shooting hoops in our driveway....   Read more


Inside Norway: A Photographer’s Journey

By Josh Smith Avid travelers ‘acquire’ new destinations the way others buy pieces of art (or Precious Moments figurines). Their descriptions can rival the tales of imaginative fishermen, but their...   Read more

The Wild Calm: Alaska’s secret to Hearing God’s Voice

“Silence is indispensable if we hope to add depth to our spiritual life.”—Chuck Swindoll I’ll admit it: I’m a workaholic. My normal routine is one of constant pressure—staying on top...   Read more

We Remember

Lord, we remember you every time we do this. Chris Baggett Eggplant Bus 13  Read more

Contemplating the Resurrection of Jesus

Although many hold the Garden Tomb as the authentic site of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the levelheadedness of history and archaeology begged to differ. The tomb represents a...   Read more

Bethlehem—A Picture of Our Own Redemption

The little town of Bethlehem didn’t begin well. Jacob buried his favorite wife, Rachel, on the way to Bethlehem (Genesis 35:19). The town was associated with a corrupt priest who...   Read more

A Place of Remembrance . . . How Could Anyone Forget?

This morning we toured the sobering Holocaust museum, called Yad Vashem. The Hebrew words Yad Vashem means, “a hand and a name,” an idiom from Isaiah 56:5 that refers to a memorial. A place...   Read more

No Fear of Sharks

A saltwater swim without hearing the Jaws theme. Only at the Dead Sea. Watching the swimmers with me was Dr. Terry Boyle of bus 5, who told me: Well, we’re at the...   Read more

The Jordan River—A Place of Transition

This part of the Jordan River has seen significant transitions in Israel’s history. Amazingly, the waters of the river parted here: For Joshua, as Israel entered the Promised Land for...   Read more

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