Articles from Gaither Homecoming

The Gaithers’ Biggest Fan enjoys the Cruise of a Lifetime

Gaither Homecoming cruises are always packed with passionate fans. But on their most recent cruise to Alaska, perhaps no passenger was a bigger fan than Thomas Jones of Calgary, Alberta....   Read more


Gloria Gaither on Unscripted Moments

By Gloria Gaither There is a certain thing that can happen in a one-night concert in an auditorium or arena, and Bill and I have been sharing such evenings with...   Read more

A Double Dose of Gaither Joy

Back in 2014, Inspiration had the privilege of helping fulfill the request of a young Make-a-Wish recipient named Jared. More than anything, Jared wished to go on a Gaither Homecoming...   Read more

Making Dreams Come True for a Young Gaither Homecoming Fan

Our passengers embark on our Christian cruises and tours from all walks of life. We love meeting them, learning from them, and enjoying the new perspectives they bring. We especially...   Read more

Buddy Green Gaither Caribbean Cruise

Buddy Greene Cruise Interview recently caught up with our good friend, Buddy Greene in his Brentwood home for a fun video interview.  Here Buddy plays a bit of harmonica for us, discusses a...   Read more

Caribbean Cruise Memories from Russ Taff

Russ Taff has been on nearly every Caribbean cruise in Homecoming history!  Now, with our next Caribbean Cruise a year away, we wanted to share with you some of Russ’s...   Read more

Interview with Bill Gaither

As talented as Bill Gaither is, and as well traveled and wise as he is, you’d think it’d be no trouble to interview him about his traveling experiences and wonderful...   Read more

Adventures in Skagway

A passenger really needed their morning cappuccino (non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, wet foam), so the captain steered the ship ashore for a little off-roading trip to the local coffee shop. OK, not really…it’s...   Read more

A Gaither Homecoming Miles From Home

The Gaither Vocal Band: that legendary group whose first album was recorded on a cassette tape (that was a long time ago!). Yet, their music has not lost a beat...   Read more