The Wounded Warrior Project Cruises to Alaska with America’s Heroes

Christian Cruise

We treat all passengers on our cruises and tours like VIP’s. However, a few passengers on our recent Alaska cruise with Michael W. Smith & Friends came with a status beyond words like “important” or “significant.”

They are heroes.

Each time Michael W. Smith headlines a cruise, he partners with former United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel Oliver North to bring four Wounded Warriors and their families on the vacation. These soldiers don’t always have a faith background or an interest in the artists on the cruise, but are invited to attend as a “thank you” for their immense sacrifices for our country.

Still, the opportunity to spend a week in a loving, supportive Christian environment is always appreciated by these veterans and their families. Occasionally, the experience changes their lives. They attend worship services. They hear encouraging speakers and Bible teachers. They have the chance to dine, relax, and fellowship with around 1800 Christian cruisers. Past recipients of this trip have discovered deep emotional and spiritual healing on these trips. There’s just something about Christian travel that helps restore broken spirits and reconnect the bonds between family members.

The privilege of traveling with these soldiers blesses us as well. It’s inspiring to hear their stories and learn from their courage while also encouraging them. They inspire us, and we hope our overall cruise experience inspires them, too.

We are so grateful to ministries like those of Michael W. Smith and Oliver North, who make giving back to others such a priority. These intentional gestures of kindness and appreciation can make such a difference in a hurting life.

Would you join us in praying for these anonymous soldiers and their families? Some have lost eyesight or hearing. Others have lost limbs and the ability to walk. Pray that the good work God began in their lives during the Alaska Cruise will continue. Pray that their families will flourish. Pray that, as individuals, they will continue to recover from their physical wounds—as well as the spiritual and emotional ones caused by combat.

As 1 Thessalonians 1:2 says, “We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.” May this be the case as God brings to mind these four soldiers, their family members, and every single one of the Wounded Warriors who have given so much for the cause of freedom.

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